Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Many people today are looking for purpose.

Why do they exist and what are they to do? Sadly, many churches lack purpose. And for the churches which do have a purpose, it all too often falls short of what God desires of the local church.

Since God created the church and since Christ is the Head of the church, we would be wise to consider what the Bible, God's special revelation to us, says regarding the purpose for His church. We do not have to look long or hard, for at the inception of the New Testament church, Dr. Luke provides a concise statement of purpose in Acts 2:41-44, a three-fold purpose:

  • Worship
  • Edification
  • Evangelism

In other words, God has given us the responsibility, individually and corporately, to tell every man, woman, and child about Jesus, God's good news; to be instrumental in helping others to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus; and together to be a group that takes care of one another and praises Jesus.

Paul provides God's philosophy of ministry in Ephesians 4:11-16:
  • God Given Leadership
  • Equipped Saints
  • A Strengthened, Growing Body

There is no hint of a professional church in this philosophy of ministry. No one person is paid to fulfill all the ministries of Community Bible Church. No one person is more important than another, and all are indispensable in building up Community Bible Church under the leadership of Jesus Christ, the Only Head of this local body.